Dental Clearance (AOEE™) For Pending Medical Treatment

Our Dental Clearance (AOEE™) For Pending Medical Treatment

Patients who may need joint surgery, valve replacement, radiation therapy, cancer surgery, organ or stem cell transplants, chemotherapy, bis phosphate therapy for cancer metastasis, and many other advanced medical treatments, usually require dental clearance before their medical treatment. The Oral Systemic Evaluation Center provides clearance by completing an Advanced Oral Evaluation Exam (AOEE™) and by arranging dental treatment to mitigate the dental medical issues.

Each AOEE™ is performed by a Periodontist, a dental specialist who focuses on diagnosing oral pathology and periodontal disease and their oral systemic relationships. He works in a group practice setting comprised of other specialists and dentists who are available for any additional dental treatment, if necessary.

Each AOEE™ consists of:

1. Thorough review of the patient medical history, medications taken, and their relationships to oral disease.
2. Complete intra-oral examination with extra oral bite wing X-rays for tooth decay screening.
3. Oral cancer screening.
4. Periodontal computer-assisted charting to determine the presence and severity of inflammatory gum disease.
5. 3-D computer generated tomography scan (CBCT) to determine the presence of impacted teeth,
tooth abscesses and other pathology that may be present in the jawbone(*For more information on the significance of a CBCT, click here)

After a thorough Advanced Oral Evaluation Exam (AOEE™), if any oral pathology is found, all treatment needed will be performed by our dental team and a formal Dental Clearance will be sent to the referring physician and patient.

It is our goal to assist health care providers to lessen the chance of complications with their recommended treatments or procedures. We believe our protocol, combined with advanced diagnostic technology not usually available through a traditional dental office, will provide a new standard of care for dental clearance.

We look forward to working with you to provide an exceptional diagnostic service.

John Varoscak, D.D.S.
Diagnostic Director, OSEC

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