Bleeding Gums and Diabetes
Bleeding Gums: The Red Flag for Diabetics You Can’t Afford to Ignore
Bleeding gums aren’t just a sign of dental disease, they could be the first clue in uncovering a deeper, more complex relationship with your diabetes. This seemingly minor symptom acts as a critical warning light on the dashboard of your health, indicating potential gum disease and its significant implications for individuals managing diabetes. The interplay between bleeding gums and diabetes is a nuanced one, where each condition can intensify the other, making understanding this connection not just beneficial, but essential. If you have bleeding gums it is imperative that you seek early intervention and comprehensive care.
The relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes  is well established. Evidence suggests that this bi-direction interaction impacts progression, severity, and mortality. This isn’t just about oral health; it’s about your lifespan, your moments with loved ones and your memories yet to be made.
Don’t let periodontal disease shorten your story. A brighter future and a longer life are within reach, starting with the health of your gums. But first, you have to know what condition your gums are in and how to stop your bleeding gums.
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Dr. John R. Varoscak

Periodontist, OSEC Diagnostic Director

A dental specialist with advanced training and experience with relationships between the oral cavity and complex medical conditions.